Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Enjoy the small moments

After attending my friend's brother's wedding on Sunday ,me and my other friend Ajit left the function hall in wee hours of the morning. on our way home we took a wrong turn and ended up hitting one dead end after other ,this was the best time I had whole week. we busted with laughter every time we hit dead end wondering about our foolishness to get lost on the way which we have traveled several times.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What I want from life

I have herd that life gives you everything you ask it for provided you know what you need from life.when I came across this phrase for first time I thought this cant be right I have asked life many things and haven't got most of them,but I soon realized that I myself did not know what I really wanted from my life for I kept on changing my goals , wishes , wants so quickly that I confused life and it ended up giving me nothing.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Blast in Hyderabad

As I write this post just hours after the blast I feel a series of emotions flowing through, I was going to secunderabad on my bike when i got a call that there has been series of blast in twin cities and I was asked to come home immediately. when i looked around there was no sign of panic I was amazed how immune people can be .we indians are bit too strong for these feeble blast's why kill just 30 ppl why not 100 or for that matter 10,000 yet i know it wont make any difference on how we live for we take this in our stride as a bad day and know life must go on .I cant understand what these ppl are trying to do or convey but one thing is for sure if they think they will bring us to stand still they are wrong.i want to convey this last message to them that "lunch boxes are ment for food man and not for bomb" this is what happens when you dont pay attention in class.

Friday, May 25, 2007

A Place

From the day we are born till the day we die we are searching for a place to fit in , a fight that never ends ,never ceases just rages on a we grow older,the need to be wanted grows and keeps on multiplying. Death is nothing but a pause between two fights ,an end of a journey and a beginning of a new one.I have always believed in living in such a way that if you were given a choice ,you would live this life again and again having no regrets what so ever.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

a dream that no one sees

Just a couple of days back i watched a movie "the million dollar baby" ,you all must have herd of the movie after all its a Oscar winner .Movies have always influenced me a lot and so did this one ,this made me believe that if you have strong will and self believe you can do anything at anytime all that matters is are you willing to live for a dream that no one see but you .most of your life you live the way others want you to live .Each and every move you make is keeping in mind what the other person might think rather than what you really want or like, just think about it and start living for you only you and you'll see life being more clearer ,more defined .You will discover the person you see in the mirror every day is you and not some one else.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


once while filling up a form , a man asked weather he should fill number of times in a week or a month where sex was indicated .This is mentality of some of the ppl here they even dont know what sex may mean.India is a very big county with large population where even talking abt sex is a taboo ,in such an environment where ignorance is wide spread controlling of sexually transmitted diseases and educating ppl abt sex is very important .Sex education does not mean teaching abt having sex but means enlightening people abt facts and consequences abt sex.some ppl here on pretext of religion and culture are trying to scrap sex education from schools , but forget that India was once most sexually advance civilization ,India is filled with hypocrites and its high time we get rid of them.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

what love is "?"

One of the most frequently asked questions is what is love ? How do you define it ,every one has their own definition of love ,one of my friend thinks love can be called love only when you get love in return else it cannot be called as love. I wonder how can this be definition of love,love is never about give and take ,this definition fits for what we call an affair.In my definition love is an compassion and attraction towards someone ,it doesn't matter what the other person feels, what really matters is what you feel .So how do u define love ?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


This is going to be a very emotional and difficult post for me because here i am going to make you feel the real pinch.You know there are times you are ashamed for things you were proud of ,I am an Indian no I am an proud Indian I am proud of its culture and its heritage and god know i want to die wrapped in Indian flag but some tradition break you degrade you to such a level that u start hating your self.Most people know killing of girl child is practiced in India though it is illegal and they are very severe punishments ,this incident goes 24 years back when my elder sister was born to my mother in a hospital in Bombay ,it was just second day after the delivery when suddenly my mother woke up hearing screams in adjoining room on asking what was the problem nurse replied by saying it was nothing just a routine checkup but my mother insisted on knowing the truth and when she got a chance to look into the other room she saw fetus of a 5 months old baby girl laying dead in a tub. The mother in the adjoining room had chosen to kill, no murder her child who had not even opened her eyes and see the irony the girl born in adjoining room was going to have a great life i.e my sister .when i herd this story from my mom i could picturise the fetus of the girl crying dying in that tub, is there no value for human life is everything above a life ,we all damn know how valuable is our life to us yet they are few who die even before they can take a lease of breath.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


what i am going to tell you all here may be shocking for few and a know fact to others though let me remind you that these things that i am going to specify here applies to a few people i mean very few though given to the Indian population it may add up to a considerable amount so here i go....
how do you define a marriage ? for some its a long life commitment ,for some its being stuck with one partner and for some its eternal relationship with all happy endings ,but there are other reasons too .when i was doing my engineering i came across few students who never used to study , on asking them the reason for the same they would answer by saying that when they get married they can demand heavy dowry because they are engineers.This fact was quit known to me but the most weired reason that i got for marriage was sex .in India sex before marriage is a taboo , in urban India though this is changing . I believe main reason behind this is disparity in boys and girls sex ratio .I don't want anyone to judge Indians by this because being Indian my self i know this is very rare.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

i wish i could erase my memory @@@

Sometimes you wish you had not said something or never seen something but unfortunately you did and it so happens that that thing keeps on coming back and you cannot get it out of your head.
I had wished many times if i could get a part of my memory just wiped off so that it does not remind me of something or someone in the past ,but we are not so lucky for we have got a very complex and efficient brain that stores all the things that it should not and you have no control over it .Have you ever noticed that we do exactly opposite of what we were supposed to do, probably this is because we try so hard not to do something that we are reminded of that thing more and more and you do exactly what you were not supposed to do. Thoughts yes ,yes my dear thoughts they are your biggest enemy they come up from any where at any time even when you are asleep ,thoughts is what's making me write these stuff and i cant believe you r reading this crap .I am sure after reading my blog you will all end up like me always in thoughts.

struggle .................................................................................

This line never ends and will never ever end for struggle is an integral part of our life without which life holds no meaning, but the saddest part of the life is that most People here do not acknowledge the importance of it and those who do can consider them self as heroes.Many people live their whole life struggling but don't realize that they have felt life more than any one could have ever felt .


we got independent in the year 1947 but for me my freedom struggle is still going on . i am 22 and still dependent on my parents for each and every thing , independence seems a distant dream now.some how i have disappointed my self for taking such a long time to prove my self worthy.freedom and independence for me means freedom to think,to do and to influence others in right way, but without self independence all this things are not possible and still my struggle for that day which i will call my independence day is going on.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Have u ever asked your self what would I have done if I in place of him while watching a movie,
just yesterday i was watching a movie called "the secret admirer" in which the guy is always infatuated toward a beautiful girl not necessarily beautiful from inside and at same time there is another relatively beautiful girl who truly loves him. what is that guy suppose to do is he supposed to go for the girl he is attracted to or accept the other girl's love for him, have u ever imagined your self in such a situation. what would you have done if u were in his place .Imagine if the girl who really loves you was not that beautiful but was honest and was always helpful,does outer beauty counts so much that the care and compassion takes a back seat in real life.I guess it does this is just my opinion, for u it may be just the other way around .i hope that u don't get into such a situation and if u do get into one i hope the girl who loves u is at least relatively good looking as the girl u r attracted to.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

who is a enemy ?

I have spent lots of time thinking how should one handle one's relationship's,as time goes on we make and break many relation's with different people.I have made many friends in my life time and feel I was very lucky to have them but I regret having few enemies that I had, for if I had choice I would have rather never met them than be hated by them ,haven't u ever thought about this why had u met someone when u could have easily lived your life without even seeing them ever .In my life I have met many people with whom I have shared bad vibes and always wished it was better if I had never met them but it was not to be, sometimes I feel enemies r destined to be your enemies and u cant ignore them how much ever u try " AS TRULY SAID FRIENDS CAN BE IGNORED EASILY BUT AN ENEMY CAN'T ".

Thursday, January 04, 2007

RISK it all !!!

Every day is a new day, this very truth is the root for my survival. For I have somehow learnt to take things as they come and change from day to day. To win it all u have to risk it all, that is what I have learnt and understood today and that’s the simplest rules of all.

All great personalities we praise today could have easily been greatest failures of the century, the only thing that stood between failure and success is their self belief and their determination to never give up. I can only dream of such determination for I don’t have enough guts to risk it all so I guess I may die unknown like most of us here r going to.

Monday, January 01, 2007

PLay it Hard

What’s the best way to live life? King size? No. On ur own terms? No .only way to live life is to play it hard, coz it will never leave a chance to throw things at you .As I keep on discovering life I keep on understanding that there is always someone better and there r many who r miserable than u, so when u feel miserable just look around and u’ll surely feel better. I wish I could get into peoples mind and see what’s going on in there for I am always on prowl to know things more closely and clearly, the biggest tragedy is that more u know more confused and sad it seems, life is a real hard game and ignorant r the only one’s who win, you don’t have a choice for u’ll have to live ur life any way. The only thing that can make a difference is that how u look at it.