Sunday, August 27, 2006

whats behind terrorist

this one question has always fascinated me,most of the ppl use to think that terrorists are those uneducated ppl who can be influenced easily if yes then what is the answer to todays trend of highly educated professional terrorists,the only logical answer is sense of belonging,because these groups are able to instill sense of belonging before any other does they r able to influence this ppl. i feel somewhere we r to be blamed for this ,the best example i can give is at airports where if a person belongs to islamic community then he is checked more rigorously then any other person here is where we lose and they win we unconciously through act like this contribute to terrorism more than terrorist group themself.

why do people hate

i have never understood why ppl hate anyone,now not loving or not liking is different from hating .
i say dont love every one but atleast dont hate anyone for hating is biggest crime in this world which can bring only volience and malice.

my saddest moment

for most of the ppl around the world happiest moment of their life is when they see their child comming into this world,but when i see any new born baby, i feel sad for what kind of furture is waiting for that small child,will we be able to give a safer and better world to them ,this all questions come to my mind which makes me all the more worried and sad.


i dont know from where should i begin ,my life has been a very easy going journey trust me when i say easy going ,i come from a middle class family which is well educated one and every one is open minded .comming to my self i am like time that never stops , my brain keeps on working even when i am sleeping ,i have been lucky to find frds that i have without much effort but i was still unsatisfied with my life for something was missing i didnt know what was it but i couldnt sleep for days ,just lying in my bed thinking all the time ,after some soul searching i found that actually i have been invisible even to my self and from that moment i decided to live for others for those ppl who r not as lucky as i am ,i felt i was responsible for everything wrong that was happening and it was only me who could change it.