Sunday, January 07, 2007

who is a enemy ?

I have spent lots of time thinking how should one handle one's relationship's,as time goes on we make and break many relation's with different people.I have made many friends in my life time and feel I was very lucky to have them but I regret having few enemies that I had, for if I had choice I would have rather never met them than be hated by them ,haven't u ever thought about this why had u met someone when u could have easily lived your life without even seeing them ever .In my life I have met many people with whom I have shared bad vibes and always wished it was better if I had never met them but it was not to be, sometimes I feel enemies r destined to be your enemies and u cant ignore them how much ever u try " AS TRULY SAID FRIENDS CAN BE IGNORED EASILY BUT AN ENEMY CAN'T ".

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