Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Have u ever asked your self what would I have done if I in place of him while watching a movie,
just yesterday i was watching a movie called "the secret admirer" in which the guy is always infatuated toward a beautiful girl not necessarily beautiful from inside and at same time there is another relatively beautiful girl who truly loves him. what is that guy suppose to do is he supposed to go for the girl he is attracted to or accept the other girl's love for him, have u ever imagined your self in such a situation. what would you have done if u were in his place .Imagine if the girl who really loves you was not that beautiful but was honest and was always helpful,does outer beauty counts so much that the care and compassion takes a back seat in real life.I guess it does this is just my opinion, for u it may be just the other way around .i hope that u don't get into such a situation and if u do get into one i hope the girl who loves u is at least relatively good looking as the girl u r attracted to.

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