Monday, January 01, 2007

PLay it Hard

What’s the best way to live life? King size? No. On ur own terms? No .only way to live life is to play it hard, coz it will never leave a chance to throw things at you .As I keep on discovering life I keep on understanding that there is always someone better and there r many who r miserable than u, so when u feel miserable just look around and u’ll surely feel better. I wish I could get into peoples mind and see what’s going on in there for I am always on prowl to know things more closely and clearly, the biggest tragedy is that more u know more confused and sad it seems, life is a real hard game and ignorant r the only one’s who win, you don’t have a choice for u’ll have to live ur life any way. The only thing that can make a difference is that how u look at it.

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Paresh Masade said...

yup nice yaar.... but difficult too read yaar... can u try some plain englist