Saturday, August 25, 2007

Blast in Hyderabad

As I write this post just hours after the blast I feel a series of emotions flowing through, I was going to secunderabad on my bike when i got a call that there has been series of blast in twin cities and I was asked to come home immediately. when i looked around there was no sign of panic I was amazed how immune people can be .we indians are bit too strong for these feeble blast's why kill just 30 ppl why not 100 or for that matter 10,000 yet i know it wont make any difference on how we live for we take this in our stride as a bad day and know life must go on .I cant understand what these ppl are trying to do or convey but one thing is for sure if they think they will bring us to stand still they are wrong.i want to convey this last message to them that "lunch boxes are ment for food man and not for bomb" this is what happens when you dont pay attention in class.

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