Saturday, December 05, 2009

M@rri@ge - is it an End or a Begnning ?

Last 10 days had been very eventful, probably busiest days of this year. No, not because of work or a trip. In these ten days three people close to me got married and changed theirs and others life for ever. Attending these weddings made me think "is this the end of what they used to be carefree, careless, fearless......or was it a new beginning with true bliss of life where you learn to share each and every thing?" since I am a bachelor with no interest or sense of commitment I don't know how to react on such occasions, should I be Happy or sad.....What do you think about this new lease of life is it a bond which creates boundaries or is it a bind which is stronger than any?

Note: In INDIA marriage changes definition and nature of all relations as its a marriage between families and not just people.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Cranky "SKANK"

A place where there is unlimited knowledge accessible to everyone is .....Library NO, come on guys you can guess this its pretty easy its Internet dumbo, yeah greatest and most vast collection of knowledge but besides that it is a medium where you have right to free speech, right to expression.
Blogging is one of such tools on internet which enables us to exert these rights, but some incidents such as SKANK GAL makes me question if this medium will remain the way it is. will such incidents make average internet user cautious to such an extent that people will stop expressing themselves or posting their opinion for fear of being sued. In my opinion court judgment was a big set back for all those people who believe in freedom of expression. So do you agree with me.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I know it's wrong but feels so right

Have you ever wondered or observed that most people are actually attracted to people who are so wrong for them, yet they cant understand why. This is what i call self destruct button and believe me, we all have it.Everything about this person is wrong and sometimes you even come off with a head ache, yet you cannot help but get attracted to them.Life is weirdly beautiful and sometimes things like this make me explore myself more rather than get dejected after a relationship ends.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Do u like it slow

How many of you like it really slow? let me clear it up before you think something naughty i am talking about hot chocolate. Have u heard of "Chocolate Room" if you are from Madhapur Hyderabad probably you have , its this new place where u get coffee and choco stuff. I had gone there and ordered hot chocolate with mint flavor and what i got is soup like odd shaped bowl with a metal stirrer which coupled as a straw. Yeah it was nice presentation but very odd coz when ever i tried to take a sip my sipper got hot and burnt my lips. when i asked waiter to get it in normal mug he told me that i was supposed to sip it hot and believe me if you actually do that you will take atleast 3 hours to finish it. It was not that bad coz we could laugh about it and I always get to ask him what will I get my drink in.