Tuesday, February 20, 2007


This is going to be a very emotional and difficult post for me because here i am going to make you feel the real pinch.You know there are times you are ashamed for things you were proud of ,I am an Indian no I am an proud Indian I am proud of its culture and its heritage and god know i want to die wrapped in Indian flag but some tradition break you degrade you to such a level that u start hating your self.Most people know killing of girl child is practiced in India though it is illegal and they are very severe punishments ,this incident goes 24 years back when my elder sister was born to my mother in a hospital in Bombay ,it was just second day after the delivery when suddenly my mother woke up hearing screams in adjoining room on asking what was the problem nurse replied by saying it was nothing just a routine checkup but my mother insisted on knowing the truth and when she got a chance to look into the other room she saw fetus of a 5 months old baby girl laying dead in a tub. The mother in the adjoining room had chosen to kill, no murder her child who had not even opened her eyes and see the irony the girl born in adjoining room was going to have a great life i.e my sister .when i herd this story from my mom i could picturise the fetus of the girl crying dying in that tub, is there no value for human life is everything above a life ,we all damn know how valuable is our life to us yet they are few who die even before they can take a lease of breath.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


what i am going to tell you all here may be shocking for few and a know fact to others though let me remind you that these things that i am going to specify here applies to a few people i mean very few though given to the Indian population it may add up to a considerable amount so here i go....
how do you define a marriage ? for some its a long life commitment ,for some its being stuck with one partner and for some its eternal relationship with all happy endings ,but there are other reasons too .when i was doing my engineering i came across few students who never used to study , on asking them the reason for the same they would answer by saying that when they get married they can demand heavy dowry because they are engineers.This fact was quit known to me but the most weired reason that i got for marriage was sex .in India sex before marriage is a taboo , in urban India though this is changing . I believe main reason behind this is disparity in boys and girls sex ratio .I don't want anyone to judge Indians by this because being Indian my self i know this is very rare.