Monday, May 18, 2009

Do u like it slow

How many of you like it really slow? let me clear it up before you think something naughty i am talking about hot chocolate. Have u heard of "Chocolate Room" if you are from Madhapur Hyderabad probably you have , its this new place where u get coffee and choco stuff. I had gone there and ordered hot chocolate with mint flavor and what i got is soup like odd shaped bowl with a metal stirrer which coupled as a straw. Yeah it was nice presentation but very odd coz when ever i tried to take a sip my sipper got hot and burnt my lips. when i asked waiter to get it in normal mug he told me that i was supposed to sip it hot and believe me if you actually do that you will take atleast 3 hours to finish it. It was not that bad coz we could laugh about it and I always get to ask him what will I get my drink in.