Tuesday, August 16, 2011


 "Anna Hazare zindabad , Anna Hazare zindabad", I see so may people shouting the slogan on the roads saying they support lokpal Bill and that they are Against corruption.I wonder if Lokpal is the only way to end corruption and if it passes will it make any difference. I see this as a struggle yes a struggle but not for people but for power which reminds me of Gandhi Ji during our independence who sided with Nehru to form Govt. This movement will give power to Anna Hazare and his support will decide who forms the government. Anna Hazare no doubt is inherently a good person but wants and thrives on power and if we go by history we all know that power corrupts. People of India can gain true power only when the need for change, for a revolution arises from with in, which people from all corners and strata of society start and not by a mere bunch of people who think a law or a bill can bring a change.I fear the worst that in the end people of India the greatest and biggest democracy  in the world will loose any hope there is left for this country. I know one thing for sure I am going to do my part for its my karma and hope everything else falls in place.

Inqualab Zindabad

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Prashanth said...

yes ...i agree the change must come from within ..