Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Being Human but in Humane

I see most youngsters wearing T-Shirt bearing slogan Being Human, its a NGO founded by Salman Khan probably one of the best actors in Bollywood. When I heard the name of the NGO I was surprised as to why it was named "Being Human" and not "Being Humane" , now please don't ask whats the difference. Mother Teressa was Humane Hitler was Human that is the difference.  I wondered why Salman Khan named it Being human and not humane , I got answer to it immediately what else would he name it after all killing 7 innocent people while in drunken state is being Human . The great Judiciary system of India decided that people  needed to watch few more movies from this great human and punishing him for his crimes did not weigh enough against movies like Ready, Dabang and wanted. Lives of 7 lowly citizens of India did not matter against entertainment value of billions of Indians.

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