Saturday, December 05, 2009

M@rri@ge - is it an End or a Begnning ?

Last 10 days had been very eventful, probably busiest days of this year. No, not because of work or a trip. In these ten days three people close to me got married and changed theirs and others life for ever. Attending these weddings made me think "is this the end of what they used to be carefree, careless, fearless......or was it a new beginning with true bliss of life where you learn to share each and every thing?" since I am a bachelor with no interest or sense of commitment I don't know how to react on such occasions, should I be Happy or sad.....What do you think about this new lease of life is it a bond which creates boundaries or is it a bind which is stronger than any?

Note: In INDIA marriage changes definition and nature of all relations as its a marriage between families and not just people.

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