Sunday, December 21, 2008


For those ppl who dont know me I am Priyank I am guy with 24 years old body with training to fight in corporate world for 2 years, I am an engineer by pro but I am not here to talk abt me I am here to talk abt the place I call 'ZOO'.


country: INDIA

point of view: guy next door

NOTE: Hyderabad is a slow paced city where ppl are more concerned with what others do or what they had done in past.

sex ratio as per statistics 9.2 girls for every 10 boys

sex ratio observed on road: 2 girls for every 10 boys

so which is this place I call 'zoo'

In general terms its a place where ppl go to see animals in cages but here its place where guys go to just look at girls.

ZOO: public places like malls, some specific roads and yeah pubs.

most preferred is malls they are free most expensive are pubs here generally you can gain entry only if u have good influence or money or at least one girl even if she is with 10 guys doesn't matter probably even they know its damn battlefield out there.

ME: victim of great Indian mentality.

Bottom line: Here you will find guys staring at a grl most of the time i don't do that but cant blame anyone who does coz its very rare commodity here.


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Biraj said...

Hahahahahhhahhahaaha...Rofl!!! No comments on this!! :D :D