Tuesday, September 05, 2006


can anyone define religion, can u ? is religion something we inherit or is religion something we believe or follow what is purpose of religion .i am from india which is concidered to be cradle of civilation still ppl here dont know what religion is , it was to make us civilised and not make us animals like we r becomining now.hate! i dont like that word ppl hate others religion but why? i have inherited jainism but how does that make me jain,i could have easily be born as sikh,christain,jew,muslim...... so how can something i have inherited become my religion ,i did not get choice to choose my religion.i have see many hindus and muslims wanting to kill each other i have met them personally ,what if a hindu was born muslim and vice versa they would be killing ppl of their own religion ,have u ever thought abt it?no religion dose'nt make a person ppl make religion.
even in this beautiful land of great saints we fight for ideas which we may not have followed if we were given choice to inherit one among all .i pity ppl who fight on name of religion.

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starry nights said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and please do come again. I have to agree with you about this thing called religion,people are continually fighting in the name of religion.How can you say you are religious and do those hateful things. I rather be an athiest, atleast it wont be hypocrisy.If religion teaches us otherwise how can we do these things.I just believe in living the best life I can regardless of what religion I am.to tell you the truth I think all religons lead to the same God just different paths and different forms.so whatever religion you were born into or choose to follow, if you take even one good teaching and follow it then i think life is worth living.